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With all the COMPLIMENTS here..... We don't have to praise SG Car Choice much... Cause is all of our voices of good experience having with them.
We are considered very detailed & careful means "Ma Fan" customers with lots of requests la. Our sales rep is so called now my Friend Friend ~ Ying2. She is not only patience with us but also very initiative person. Sibei Swee too. Always put herself in our shoe to get things done on our behalf. As we getting a model months bef it is approved on the road. Thus we need to wait patiently too. Harold her Manager also sibei hor gong way. Jing steady. From viewing to deposit to paper work to trade in scrap old car to coe bidding to shipment to car registration (our registered car number jing lucky, my mum dio jing zui bai liao. Huat ah!!!)to collection.... All very soon soon... Let's put our metallic grey aside. White is gorgeous. Everything thru the buying process is AWESOME!!! Oh and is our 1st time going to PI after so many "hiccups" PI destroying their reputation. Very gutful of us. But not for SG Car Choice. What the peeps there are doing now, with Integrity & the Extra Miles they do for customer like us. (like the Smart plate they specially made for us to look good with our White CHR, is really nice & bright.) They can go FAR! All the way SG Car Choice team!!!

Btw who is your smart TAO GEI... He did really interview & plan well to gather this team up. This team will do him proud.

Eh SG Car Choice Tao Gei, bonus must gao gao for Ying2 hor!!!

JoeAnn Yap


My friend recommended me to YingYing from SG car Choice, a young and pretty lady, first thing came into my mind, does she have the experienced and sincerity? After initial chatting session, she totally revised my perception, she shown patient in handing my inquiries, not pushy, respected my decision, walk me through the process of buying car, letting me to have a peace of mind for my purchase.
In fact most people are doubtful about PI, worry they will close shop in no time and run away with your deposit, may not able to deliver your car on time, delay in paper work processing, may have bad after sale service and more. However my first experienced buying car from SG car Choice was excellent, never realised the purchase process was to be so smooth and easy, just choose the car you want, they will process all paper work and within 2 weeks go down again to drive away your car.
Overall, a good car shopping experiences, a wonderful team that fulfilled all my "expectations, reliable and efficient. Thumbs up and have a Huat Huat 2018!